York University Scholarships 2023 

For international students looking to further their education, the good news is that York University Scholarships 2023 is open. 

York University is a cutting-edge teaching and research institution in Toronto. Ranked 33rd in the world, with more than 360,000 alumni from more than 200 academic programs. 

The University is dedicated to providing a wide range of students with access to a top-notch academic environment. The university supports tolerance and diversity, welcoming many viewpoints, cultures, and modes of knowing while encouraging global fluency and intercultural competence. 

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International students at York University have access to a wide range of academic, financial, and non-academic resources to assist them in achieving their academic objectives. 


The York University Scholarships 2023 is open to undergraduate students.

How To Apply 

You must submit the International Student Scholarship & Award Application to be eligible for the scholarships and awards. To access this page, you must have a 9-digit York reference number, which you will get when applying to York within 5 business days. 

These scholarships and honors are given to candidates with outstanding academic records who also exhibit leadership qualities through volunteerism, artistic or athletic excellence, or excellence in community service. Applying for York University awards and scholarships is not based on receiving an admissions offer. 

However, please note that scholarship values can fluctuate. 

Opening and Deadline (s) 

For Fall 2022/2023 application, the deadline is February 1st, 2023.

For Summer 2022/2023 applications, the deadline is April 1st, 2023.

For Winter 202/2023 applications, the deadline is November 1st, 2023. 


  • Must be a foreign student who needs a study permit to study in Canada.
  • Must have applied to a York undergraduate degree program starting in the fall of 2023.
  • Must not have attended any previous universities or colleges, and must have applied to York immediately out of high school or no later than two years after graduation (not applicable to Tentanda Via Award).
  • Must have an outstanding academic record and minimum “A” average or above (where applicable).
  • Must have exhibited leadership via volunteerism in the community or through accomplishment in the arts, sports, or other fields of personal achievement (where applicable).
  • Must upload one letter of recommendation or, if necessary, additional supporting papers. 
  • Must make sure that by February 1, 2023, at 11:59:59 P.M., Eastern Time, all necessary documents are listed as “Received” on the York application (MyFile).
  • Must finish and submit the online International Student Scholarship Application by February 1st, 2023 at 11:59:59 Eastern Time. 

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Scholarship Awards 

  1. President’s International Scholarship of Excellence 

International high school applicants who are beginning their first year of a four-year undergraduate degree program at York University and exhibit academic excellence, dedication to volunteer work and extracurricular activities, as well as leadership abilities, will be given the President’s International Scholarship of Excellence. 

Each year, twenty (20) of these scholarships valued at $45,000 are given out. If the student maintains high academic standing each year, it is renewable for a further three years of full-time undergraduate education which makes a total of $180,000 in four years.

  • For consideration, a final admission average of at least 80% (A) is needed. The selection procedure may also take into account a person’s financial needs. The “President’s International Scholars” are the recipients, who come from a variety of geographical areas. 
  • If the scholarship winner completes a minimum of 24 credits per Fall/Winter session with a minimum sessional grade point average of 6.0, the award will be renewed for a further three years of full-time study or until degree completion (whichever occurs first).
  • The value of this award will be changed to match domestic tuition fee values if the recipient’s immigration status changes at any moment while they are enrolled at York and are no longer required to pay international fees.

Application Method 

  • Use the online application form at futurestudents.yorku.ca/financialsupport to submit your application. 
  • York factor 8 or 9 or a minimum “A” average is required to be taken into consideration. 
  • A personal statement from the candidate (500 words or less), a financial profile, a list of their activities and volunteer work, and one letter of recommendation make up the application form.

2.Tentanda Via Award 

The Tentanda Via Award honors undergraduate students who have shown perseverance in overcoming significant personal obstacles in their pursuit of a university education as well as changemakers who are dedicated to issues of progressive and sustainable development, encapsulating the enduring spirit of York’s motto.

These students are either (a) student leaders or changemakers who are pushing the envelope by committing to progressive and sustainable change, or (b) students who are demonstrating a commitment to progressive and sustainable development initiatives.

  • Recipients need to keep up their academic standing (minimum 6.0 SGPA) and finish at least 24 credits for Fall/Winter to be eligible for renewal. 
  • Awardees must demonstrate their continuous commitment to their original projects or their active volunteerism in the York or wider community (i.e., peer mentorship, peer support, volunteerism, or leadership). 

This scholarship is valued at $10,000 for 45 students which grosses a total of $40,000 for each awardee in four years and 15 international awards worth $120,000 ($30,000 multiplied by four years)

Application Method 

  • Domestic applicants should use the online entry awards application included in MyFile to submit their applications. 
  • To be considered for this award, the applicant must choose from the list supplied in MyFile. 
  • Each year, the application period begins on December 1 and closes on February 15. 
  • In their personal statement, applicants must explain why they are applying and how they satisfy the requirements (in 500 words or less). 
  • For applicants who claim to have overcome substantial obstacles, your personal statement should outline the circumstances of your difficulties, the qualities you possess that enabled you to overcome them, and what you took away from the experience.
  • For those applying under the changemaker/leader category, applicants must explain how they have acted as a changemaker in addressing the pressing issues of the day, particularly in forward-thinking and sustainable development initiatives as outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). What actions of yours in these areas qualify you as a changemaker? 
  • Please specify the duration of your employment in this position and the impact you had throughout that time. Each applicant (on both grounds) must additionally submit one supporting documents, such as a letter of recommendation, a letter from a professional third party, newspaper articles, or award certificates.
  • The applicant’s name and York reference number must be included in the personal statement and any supporting documents that are sent by email to bursary@yorku.ca
  • Applications that are submitted late or in part will not be reviewed.

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3. The Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students

This scholarship is awarded to international students enrolling in a full-time undergraduate degree program in Environmental and Urban Change, School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Glendon, Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Science, Lassonde, or the Schulich School of Business who are required to have a study permit for Canada. 

A “B” average or more is required for applicants, and they must also have demonstrated excellence in other areas of their lives, such as community service, the arts, sports, or other fields of personal success. 

  • The applicants who can best establish their financial necessity will be given preference. 
  • The applicant’s high school diploma must be older than two years.
  • These scholarships are worth $20,000 each and are given out twice a year.
  • If the student maintains excellent academic standing each year, it is renewable for a further three years of full-time undergraduate education making a total of $80,000 over four years.


4. International Circle of Scholars Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to foreign students beginning their first year of a full-time undergraduate degree program in the arts, media, performance, and design, liberal arts, and professional studies, environmental and urban change, health, science, Lassonde School of Engineering, or Schulich School of Business. 

Each year, one (1) of these $15,000 scholarships is given out. It is for a student’s first year of education. 

  • Applicants are required to have a study permit for Canada. 
  • Applicants must have exceptional academic standing (“A” average or higher).
  • Candidates must have completed their secondary education within the previous two years. 
  • Only the first year of study is covered by this scholarship.

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5. York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students 

This scholarship is awarded to exceptional international applicants who have graduated from secondary school (in Canada or abroad), have the highest academic admission average, and are beginning their first year of a full-time undergraduate degree program in the faculties of Environmental and Urban Change, School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Glendon, Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Science, Lassonde, or Schulich School of Business. 

Each year, five (5) to ten (10), scholarships between $5,000 to $10,000 are given out. It is for a student’s first academic year and ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

  • Candidates must have a high degree of English language proficiency. 
  • Candidates must have completed high school within the previous two years.

Application Method 

There is no need to apply. Students will be immediately taken into account during the admissions process. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get in touch with International Student Services?

Inquiries about admissions for overseas students should be sent to intlenq@yorku.ca.

Our office for supporting overseas students is called York International. On their website, you may find crucial details about COVID-19, study permits, visiting Canada, and international students orientation. Consult York International’s FAQ page and get advice on Study Permits/Visa issues by getting in touch with them directly. 

I am unable to take the IELTS or TOEFL tests because my testing facility is closed. What are my options? 

Both Duolingo and CAEL Online are accepted by York University if you’d rather take a test online. For a complete list of acceptable English language examinations, visit the Language Proficiency Requirement page.

For students who want to study English before beginning their degree program at York, the York University English Language Institute (YUELI) offers full-time pathway alternatives. If you have any queries concerning the program alternatives, please get in touch with the YUELI office directly at yueli@yorku.ca.



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