Spina Bifida Scholarships 2023

we will be talking about spina bifida scholarships in this article and how you can apply.

for Survivors from the Patient Advocate Foundation

young person with a serious disease, you are undoubtedly faced with many difficulties, such as doctor visits, emotional stress, and, maybe most importantly, medical expenditures.

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The Patient Advocate Foundation established the Scholarship for Survivors in order to acknowledge the challenges that people under the age of 25, particularly those who intend to attend college, encounter.

Students must be accepted to a college, university, or technical school, be cancer survivors or have a current diagnosis of cancer or another life-threatening illness (and provide written confirmation from their doctor).  For students to be eligible for the scholarship, they must also show financial need.
Award: $3,000
Awards each year: four

graduate, and community college students are eligible for the award.
Field of Study/Major: Open
Applications and contacts:
The Patient Advocate Foundation website has applications for the Scholarship for Survivors.
Additionally, you can download the applications for the PAF’s other scholarships and find out more about them.

Association for Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a disease of the spine that leaves most sufferers dependent on a wheelchair and with limited mobility.
The Spina Bifida Association offers one of the few scholarship opportunities designed specifically for students with this condition.
Students must obtain a disability certification from their doctor and already be admitted to a four-year college, trade school, or business school in order to be eligible for the Spina Bifida Association Scholarship.
Even though each scholarship is only given out for a single year, students can still submit applications as long as they are presently enrolled in school.
When evaluating applications, the scholarship committee will take into account applicants’ financial need, academic performance, leadership potential, and volunteerism.
The premier organization for people with spina bifida.
For those who have spina bifida of any kind, The Spina Bifida Association is the premier source of services and other information.
Award: $2,000 $20,000
Awarded each year: Varies
Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the award. The major/field of study is: Open
Applications and contacts:
On the website of the Spina Bifida Association are applications for the scholarship program.

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