Apply For Loran Scholarship 2023

How To Apply For Loran Scholarship 

The Loran Scholarship is awarded by the Loran Scholar Foundation which is a national charitable organization that was founded in Toronto, Canada in the year 1988. 

The foundation awards scholarships to students entering universities in Canada. As Loran scholars, these students receive the country’s largest undergraduate merit award.

Prior to 2007, Loran Awards were known as the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation National Awards. The name was modified in order to highlight the long-term effects of the Foundation’s efforts and the three pillars of character, service, and leadership.

Candidate Selection

The Loran scholars foundation has been active since 1990, and selects 36 students every year for an undergraduate scholarship with a value of $100,000, over four years.

Although the scholarship is only tenable at 25 public institutions throughout Canada, the lower level awards-which are the provincial and finalists awards, can be utilized at any Canadian public college or university.

The Loran scholars foundation follows a rigorous selection process which has been identified below:

  • Almost 2500 nominees come with endorsements from their various schools as sponsored candidates. Each of these secondary schools can sponsor up to three students, while every CEGEP in Quebec can sponsor up to eight. The evaluations are made by 39 committees in 23 regions (from St. John’s to Victoria), which select approximately 10 candidates each for regional interviews. This brings the total number of semi-finalists to about 500.
  • Over 2500 candidates come through the direct pool by self-nomination. The allocation of every candidate is reviewed by the national assessment panel. After which telephone interviews are conducted with the semi-finalists in December.
  • About 88 candidates get invited from across Canada to attend the National selections in Toronto for two days.
  • 36 candidates get selected as Loran scholars, while an additional 104 candidates are offered finalist and provincial awards (valued at $5000 and $2000 respectively). 

Opening and Deadline 

Every year, we accept applications between the months of September and October. Candidates who have been shortlisted are notified at least one week in advance of their semi-final interview. 


Loran scholars are chosen based on character, leadership potential, and commitment to service. The foundation believes that integrity, bravery, and personal autonomy better describe an individual’s overall potential than standard academic measures.



The foundation offers several scholarships.

  • $100,000 Loran award -offered to the final 36 candidates picked through the selection process.
  • $5000 Loran Finalist Award – that is offered to all qualified finalists who attend the National Selections but are not chosen as Loran scholars.
  • $2000 Loran Provincial Award, which is offered by regional committees to excellent semi-finalists who are not requested to attend the National Selections. Honor citation – awarded to students who distinguish themselves at the regional interviews but are not given any monetary awards. 
  • Semi-finalist certificate- allocated to students selected for a regional interview.


Each Loran award is renewable for about four years, with a total value of $100,000. The award includes three financial components:

  • An annual living stipend of $10,000
  • An annual tuition waiver from the candidate’s chosen partner institution of up to $10,000
  • Scholars can obtain up to $14,000 for three tri-sectoral summer internships.


Aspiring Loran Scholars may decide to study at the partner universities where the scholarship is tenable. To learn more about the scholarship, visit the Loran website for additional information.

Frequently asked questions

1. I am interested in attending a private university. Will I be eligible for your awards?

No. None of the Loran Scholars Awards are tenable at private institutions.

2. How is the minimum average calculated?

The 85% minimum average calculation for high school students includes the most recent three years of final grades on the student’s transcript. Cegep students must have a minimum R score of 29.

If the official transcript in your province only shows the last two years of final grades, that transcript will be sufficient to apply.

3. Who is my CEGEP representative?

Please refer to Loran foundation’s list of Cegep representatives to locate the correct contact person at your institution.

4. Can I still apply for an award as a student at a college or a University?

No. Current post-secondary students are not eligible for the Loran awards. Exceptions to this are students attending Cegep.

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